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More gained from project than just helping needy kids
By Matt Stone

April 1, 2006

Students from Waggoner Elementary School have learned a lesson about helping out their surrounding community with Kids Helping Kids Week.

Organized by the Waggoner PTO, the event aimed at providing supplies and everyday necessities to Holdeman Elementary School. Waggoner is located at 1050 E. Carver Rd. and Holdeman is at 1326 W. 18th St.

The experience helped the less fortunate Holdeman school, while also giving something to the Waggoner students, said Pamela Brink, chair of the Waggoner PTO committee.

“The focus is help(ing) our kids to learn about the greater community,” Brink said.

The goal of the occasion was to fill 50 backpacks with school supplies and other everyday items. The objective was met and the school raised $203 to give to Holdeman from the sale of hearts that were cut by the Waggoner student council.

Waggoner also gave Holdeman 25 books that were recorded to tape, a tape player and gift cards donated by local businesses.

Holdeman and Waggoner have been working together in this event for an extended period of time, as the project selects different schools to help for years at a time. The central theme of the mission over the past decade has been to help other schools, Brink said.

Having the children involved has also been a vital point, she said. Various grade levels were asked to donate different items, and the students also produced their own advertising directed at the other students, Brink said.

With the success of the event in the kids’ hands, it helped to teach them about life’s priorities and that working towards a goal can make a difference, Brink said.

“There are other things more important than the latest Gameboy,” Brink said.



Photos by David Stone






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