Techno Files...with Riley Gay
And for the techies among us...

It’s beginning to look a lot like that time of year again. You’re making a list (and checking it twice) in hopes of finding the perfect gift for everyone on it.

Happily, your neighborhood retailers are more than willing to help you find it.

With only a few weeks left to shop, area electronics dealers have wrapped up some great deals designed to make it a very “tech” Christmas.

A quick check of the latest newspaper ads reveals bargains aplenty for everything from stocking stuffers to computers and flat panel monitors.

Looking for a laptop for little Leon? There’s a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S149 notebook on sale for $799, or a Compaq Presario 2204us notebook for $919. You’ll find them both at CompUSA, along with a slew of other great notebook deals.

A new TV for Uncle Teddy? With the rising popularity of new, thin panel LCD and plasma TVs, prices on CRT televisions have been dropping. You can bring home a 32-inch Samsung HD monitor for $799, or a 30-inch non-HD JVC model for only $599 from Circuit City. They also have a 13-inch ESA model for $59 that would be perfect for Aunt Kate’s kitchen or cousin Benny’s bedroom.

LCD computer monitor prices have plummeted, too, allowing retailers to price many 17-inch screens under $300, with some 15-inch models at half that price. Fry’s Electronics has a vast selection of models available from a variety of manufacturers at very competitive prices.

You say the kids are craving portable MP3 players and handheld game pads? Best Buy has ‘em at prices you can live with, along with the latest Xbox and Nintendo games.

While you’re there, check out the new Nintendo DS. Selling for around $150, the DS does the ever-popular GameBoy one better by offering wireless connectivity and multi-player gaming functionality. The GameBoy, too, has dropped in price to $79.

For that special loved one whose computer data is pining for more wide-open spaces, Circuit City has a Western Digital 80GB external hard drive for $70.

For internal data storage, you can pick up a 200GB Western Digital hard drive for less than $100.

There’s also a 1GB Lexar Jump Drive for $60 at Best Buy for those who like their data to be more mobile. A thumb drive makes a great stocking stuffer and, at less than $25 for many 256MB models, they’re more affordable than ever.

Need a digital camera for Grandma? CompUSA has a Canon Powershot A75 on sale for just $199.99. This is a high quality, 3.2 megapixel camera that will let Grandma take gorgeous photos that can be easily enlarged up to 8x10. Also on sale is an Olympus Camedia D395 point-and-shoot model, with 3.2 MP, for only $130.

PDA for cousin Pete? Best Buy has the Palm One Zire 31 organizer for around $150.

Still not sure what to get someone on your list? Consider getting a gift card from any of these retailers and let your loved one make their own tech buying decision.

Lastly, if you really want to avoid all the holiday hassle, make a visit to one of the many established online retailers such as Amazon.com or Buy.com, and do all your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home.

In addition, both Amazon and Buy.com offer free shipping during the holidays on most items, and your gifts can be delivered directly to everyone on your list already gift-wrapped. How easy is that?

With so many great deals on your favorite tech gadgets and gizmos, getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list will be so easy, you might just be tempted to pick up a little something for yourself.

Riley Gay is technical services director for Wrangler News.