Kyrene schools recognize district's top student poets

It appears that the Kyrene Corridor is home to some talented young individuals. Students from Kyrene School District’s elementary and middle schools recently participated in the district’s poetry contest.

Four poems from each grade level were selected as district-level winners. Kyrene recognized the teachers and students who participated in the contest by publishing their work in the Kyrene Poetry Anthology. 

The winning students were recognized in May at a meeting of the district’s governing board. Four read their poems aloud.

Will Montague, a first grader at Sierra Elementary, read his poem entitled “My Dog Brownie.”

Kelsey Krebsbach a fourth grader at Mariposa Elementary, read her poem, “Fairies.”  Michelle Chin an Altadena sixth grader read “Spring”, and Emily Soli, an eighth grader at Akimel, read “Paths.” 

The following students were grade-level winners:

Kindergarten:Hailey Dickson, Dalton Danks, Daniel Karbon; First Grade: Matthew Askins, Amanda Waters, Ashim Bajwa, Will Montague; Second Grade: Emma Doney, Kameron Rivera, Jean Juang, SeVeyan Willis-Hill; Third Grade: Zachary Nelson, Chelsea Kirkland, Justin Yang, Roseana Kirgis; Fourth Grade: Andrea Hall, Kelsey Krebsbach, Chelsea Premeau, Allyssa Vollaro; Fifth Grade: Amanda Thompson, Audrey Stanley, Megan Carson, Rachel Kultala; Sixth Grade: Michelle Chin, Joscelyn Stephens, Holly Hedberg, Carolien Schieke; Seventh Grade: Logan Bellew, Christine Benhamk Lauren Merrimac, Hannah Meyer; Eighth Grade: Emily Soli, Maris Fenandez, Steven Lea, Sean Doran.