Event to raise funds for animal rescue

For many of Kyrene Corridor’s four-legged residents, life is “ruff.”  On Aug. 6 some very dedicated animal lovers are doing their part to help these little guys--by going bowling.

Organized by local animal-loving businesswoman Eileen Proctor, owner of It's A Ruff Life! Doggie Daycare, in conjunction with Pets911, this event is part of their continued mission to lend a paw to animals that are currently living a rough life.

The Bowl-A-Rama brings together more than 60 animal organizations to participate in this third annual fun-filled day to help the animals.

Kyrene Corridor-based RESCUE, a nonprofit group dedicated to providing a second chance at life for dogs and cats who are spending their final days at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, are participating for the third time.

“Our first year we raised $18,000,” said Julie Seal, RESCUE’s founder. “Last year a full $40,000, and this year we have our sights set on the $50,000 milestone.” 

Each RESCUE All-Stars bowler is responsible for collecting as many pledges possible before event day.

“Every dollar raised in Bowl-a-Rama goes directly to our operating costs,” said Seal. “Boarding costs, neutering and spaying, grooming and medical expenses for our cats and dogs waiting to be adopted add up,” said Seal.

The Bowl-a-Rama is RESCUE’s second largest fundraiser of the year

Seal stresses the importance of organizations like RESCUE. “When RESCUE started in 1995 Maricopa County was euthanizing 100 cats and dogs a day; we’re now euthanizing 200,” said Seal. “The average animal scheduled to be killed is healthy, well-adjusted with a great temperament and just two years old.”

For the past 10 years RESCUE has been going into the pounds saving the lives of these dogs and cats on the euthanasia list.  For every animal they place, they return to the pound to save another life. 

“To date, we have given 9,000 dogs and cats that greatest gift of all,” said Seal, “A second chance at life.”

For information or to make a pledge visit www.azrescue.org.