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Photography class focuses on more than just book learning

By: Jeff Burns

Oct 7, 2006

David Stone is looking for a little help as he shares his experience with a new group of high school students.

On Oct. 16, Stone, senior photographer for Wrangler News, will begin teaching the widely divergent elements of photography at Skyline Tech High School—provided, that is, that he can round up enough equipment for those who want to participate.

It’s more than reading a few books that Stone has in mind.

“I want the students to understand the subject matter in all aspects of photography,” Stone said. “I want them to learn how to be discerning and appreciate fine arts, including how to make the composition look artistic through mood and lighting.”

But in order to do so, he will need more than the one digital camera that the school has to offer.

“In terms of equipment, we pretty much have none,” Stone said.

According to Stone, he is looking for donations so he will be able to have a thorough and flexible curriculum for his students. He has also been looking for contributions from local photography clubs. Some of these helpful items include film and digital cameras, old lenses, old flash units, tripods, reflectors and lighting equipment.

This will be the first photography class that goes beyond just basics for Skyline Tech, according to instructor Richard Hinkle.

“I think that (Stone) will be pretty good at pulling this class off,” Hinkle said.

In 2001, Stone graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in communications. He completed his post-graduate studies at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Mont.

For the past three years, Stone has worked as chief photographer for Wrangler News, as well as working with Sonic, Wells Fargo, Club Tattoo, Tumbleweeds, Herbal Life, Sojourners and a number of other local and national clients.

He has done commercial shots and photojournalism under contract to a variety of clients.

The Skyline class starts Oct. 16, and Stone already has 25 students enrolled.

For more information or to donate equipment, contact Stone at or call Wrangler News at (480) 966-0845.



Photo by David Stone


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