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By: Tracy Doren
January 10, 2009

It’s the time of year when we reflect on the past and decide what challenges we choose to conquer in the months ahead. The past few days have brought on the New Year’s-resolution discussion more than once among family and friends.

Practically all of them, it seems, have their own approach to how they plan to change their lives in 2009.

I’m not usually much of a resolution maker; if I do resolve to do something, it generally happens as an epiphany moment while I’m dropping the kids off at school, and is forgotten by the time I get home.  

I’ve always admired people who have the tenacity not only to make resolutions but to follow through with them.
My eldest and her friends have put some thought into their resolutions for the year ahead.

Taylor is planning to become a closer confidant to her younger sister. Friend Chelsea wants to put extra effort into her relationship with her mom. Sara is going to work on being more loyal to her friends.

I’m impressed with the selflessness of these pledges. I had expected more of the typical— get more exercise, eat healthier, study more—from a group of teenage girls.

It’s comforting to see that they aren’t solely focused on themselves, but on having a positive impact on the people they care about.

I hope they’ll all be able to achieve some satisfaction accomplishing the tasks they’ve laid out for themselves.

If nothing else, they’ve inspired me to work harder to make sure my goals actually materialize into tangible life improvements. I’ve written those goals down and will try to seriously pursue their achievement, or at least not forget that the goals are out there and waiting for me to do something about them.

I have grand plans for the year ahead. One thing is clear: Talking about the changes we’re looking for in ourselves and in the world around us can be easier said than done.

Most all of us, I’ve noticed, have thought of areas where we’d like to see improvement. Some of those improvements are easily attainable if we try, others may be a bit more grandiose.

Either way, thanks to some inspiration by my daughter and her friends, my determination to follow through on this year’s resolutions already has lasted longer that trip home from dropping the kids off at school. It may not seem like much of an improvement, but it’s a start.




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