May 14, 2005 issue

So. Tempe could get Wi-Fi first
Tempe is going wireless, and south Tempe stands to be first in line for the new Wi-Fi service.

By Doug Snover

What it is, how it works
No longer confined to local office or home networks, Wi-Fi is extending its range to provide Internet and network access to citywide areas in some parts of the U.S.

By Riley Gay

Kyrene schools: Where are we now?
Unanswered questions
As the academic year winds down, questions are swirling around the Kyrene School District.
By Doug Snover  

Recall drive now official
Residents upset with a recent programming decision by the Kyrene School District Governing Board have taken the first formal step to recall Board President Rae Waters.
By Jonathan Cooper

Hokey space opera or brilliant cliffhanger?
Either way, final ĎStar Warsí episode was a long time coming

By M.V. Moorhead

Discerning Diner...with Elan Head
Go autentico; try a Caesar Salad with your next enchilada verde
On Cinco de Mayo, I found myself in possession of the following: Two impeccable young heads of romaine lettuce, an unopened tin of salt-packed anchovies, a new wedge of Parmesan cheese, two fresh local eggs and a half-eaten loaf of bread.

Warner Ranch II receives $5,000 city grant
The Chandler City Council has approved a proposal to allot $5,000 in grant funding to the Warner Ranch Phase III Homeowners Association, which will replace granite along the frontage of Ray and Kyrene roads.

KEYS to the future
It all began when three Kyrene moms started meeting in local coffee shops to talk about their gifted children and their kidsí education. Now Kyrene Exceptional Youth Supporters, acronym KEYS, is official, and its membership has blossomed to a whopping 50.
By Heather Pagni

Montessori gains at Norte school
Some of the youngest students at Kyrene del Norte Elementary School are a good two years from kindergarten. Yet every school day, approximately 45 youngsters barely past the toddler stage file in to Norte alongside their more mature schoolmates.
By Doug Snover  

Letters to the Editor
Recall reaction

Wrangler readers talk back.

Film Fare...with Mark Moorehead
Kicking & Screaming

Will Ferrell plays a kids soccer coach and Mike Ditka is his assistant. If you like Will Ferrell, youíll love this film because itís all Ferrell

Oasis proves perfect venue for a couple of classics
Dennis Gage of My Classic Car, aired on cable TVís Speed Channel, gave fans an up-close look with a photo shoot of classic cars at the lake in the Oasis subdivision near McClintock and Elliot roads.

By Bob Reisinger