Letters to the Editor


Apparently itís true that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Senate Slade Meadís extremist opponent in the Sept. 7 Republican primary is losing ground, so now heís restoring to a slime-encrusted web site that uses/cites unnamed letters to the editors, random cheap shots printed tongue in cheek by some members of the media, and an all-out misrepresentation of the facts to scare District 20 Republicans.

Here are the facts.  Slade Mead is an intelligent advocate for his distract.  Over the past two years he has played an invaluable role in getting Arizona to put a little more money into education, pay attention to our transportation needs, and support intelligent public investments in our economy.

His opponent is a far-right ideologue who thinks itís a waste of money to spend money on our schools, send children to all-day kindergarten, or invests more money in programs that help working mothers get off welfare and go back to work.

We can take several steps backwards by electing a conservative who will pick fights, or we can keep Slade Mead, and continue to move forward toward a better Arizona.

Iím voting for the future.  I hope my fellow Distract 20 Republicans do the same.

-Robert Johnson

Kyrene Corridor resident