July 17, 2004 issue

IKEAís IDEA: Beauty and function for the masses
Something big, bright, bold and beautiful will be making its debut on the Kyrene Corridor landscape this fall: a sparkling new IKEA home furnishings store, latest in a network of 198 locations worldwide.
By Melissa Hirschl

Wrangler News salutes
Marilyn Ly: At 17, sheís already a volunteering veteran

Service and scholarship consistently have been the most important aspects of 17-year-old Marilynn Lyís life, and her hard work is beginning to earn her some well-deserved dividends.
By Jon Valentine

Discerning Diner...with Elan Head
How our food writer is staying cool in the midst of all this heat 

In recent days, of course, weíve been asked to conserve electricity, so our thermostat has inched back up to 80. But thatís about as high as Iím going to go. Iím looking for other ways to conserve electricity, and Iím finding them in the kitchen.

Energy, optimism characterize start of Hallmanís reign as 

Most mayors wait until their first day on the job to begin work. Not Tempeís Hugh Hallman. Grappling with some of the difficult issues that loomed on the horizon as early as May 1, Hallman seems to have dived into his new responsibilities before the honeymoon was overóor even started, for that matter.
By Mark Moorehead  

Sports Notebook...with Brian Gomez
For Bay, no break in heat of recruiting

For Marcos de Niza High School point guard Kal Bay, thereís no such thing as an off-season. Fresh off an impressive sophomore campaign in which he established himself as one of the stateís premier point guards, Bay hasnít stopped playing basketball long enough this summer to even catch his breath. 

By Brian Gomez

Bark park trip reveals why dogs love it (or donít)
Dogs go to the park for the same reasons their owners do: to play, to socialize, even to show off.
By P.J. Standlee


Basketball campóonly purists need apply
Nowadays, most basketball players wouldnít think twice about trading a crisp bounce pass and a smooth jumper for an alley-oop and a high-flying slam dunk. Donít try selling that nonsense to purists Russ Pennell and Kenny Crandall.
By Brian Gomez  



Comments sought on jurist reappointment
The city of Tempe Judicial Advisory Board will conduct a public hearing to receive community comments on the job performance of Judge MaryAnne Majestic

Parent forum designed to boost academic excellence
Parents from districts around the Valley provide the leadership for the APPLE coalition. 

Film Fare...with Mark Moorehead

I, Robot stars Will Smith as Del Spooner, a slightly paranoid robot-phobic police detective investigating the untimely suicide of the head inventor at U.S. Robotics, the leading manufacturer of the nationís robots.

Best of DVDs...with M.V. Moorhead
Remembering Brando

Marlon Brandoís death two weeks ago was accompanied, it seemed to me, by a bit less hoopla than has become customary for a show-business legend.

Síno fooliní
No, youíre not seeing things. That white stuff on the ground isnít a truckload of spilled marshmallows. Itís Tempeís annual celebration of Downtown Cooldown, a fun-filled day designed to help kids forget itís r-e-a-l-l-y h-o-t outside.