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What to do about trees damaged by frost

By: Georgia Rogers

Feb. 17, 2007

Healthy, thriving trees are a real source of beauty in the Kyrene Corridor’s neighborhoods. But last month’s freezing temperatures – the lowest since 1990 – caused something of a “brown out” for the area’s trees.

According to certified arborist Joe Mancino, whose Tempe-based business is called Tree M.D., it’s alright to trim frost-damaged trees now “because we’re pretty much over the hard cold.” 

But should there be another freezing night before spring officially begins, he advises homeowners to leave part of the south-facing sides of smaller trees uncovered so the air under protective coverings stays warmer.

Here are some tips Mancino offered for cleaning up frost damage:

Find where the dead wood meets the green wood on tree branches and trim about an inch into the green part.

Citrus trees can be fertilized now.

Hold off on fertilizing other types of trees in your yard until after they blossom in the spring, and choose a fertilizer that contains potassium nitrate

Don’t forget to water trees sparingly during these cooler months of the year.


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