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Friends reunite for a noble cause

By Nathan Scherotter

Sept 9, 2006

After Brooke Alden, an 11-year-old star athlete, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, a group of Corona del Sol High School alumni decided it was time to help her as well as the community.

Thus was born East Valley Sol, many of whose members have known each other since childhood.

“It is amazing how close we have stayed throughout the years,” said Tim Vasquez, a Corona graduate, baseball standout and successful area businessman.

“We play softball together and have talked for a long time about doing something for the good of the community. It took Brooke getting sick to help us to get started.”

Close friends with Vasquez and other members of the group is Scott Alden, Brooke's father and also a member of the 1993 baseball state championship team.

Their friendship over the years helped build the foundation for the group's philanthropic efforts, which began with Alden's accident.

During her hospital stay, X-rays showed that Alden's femur was broken, and more tests concluded that the bone had been taken over by a type of cancerous tumor called Osteosarcoma.

It was shortly thereafter that East Valley Sol's founders decided to get its members involved.

The group's first project for Alden will be a private party called “Fiesta del Sol.” All of the proceeds will go directly to the family.

The party, which is by invitation only, will feature casino games, live bands and other activities that will generate money for Alden’s fund. The party will also be sponsored by Someburro’s restaurants, which Vasquez and his family own.

East Valley Sol hopes to raise $10,000 at the party, which would represent only a fraction of Alden’s projected $1 million medical bill.

This is not the only project East Valley Sol will be taking on, according to Vasquez, who says he sees it becoming something similar to the Tempe Diablos.

“We want to have fun events and try to raise money for good causes,” Vasquez said.

“(Proceeds from) the first event will be going to Brooke; then after that well see what we can donate to.”

In the near future, Vasquez said, East Valley Sol will be holding a golf tournament, which also will raise money for the Alden family. The event will be open for on-line registration sometime soon on

“We like to focus on the youth,” Vasquez said.

“Whether it be raising money for illnesses or some sort of scholarship, we really are not focused on one particular cause.”

This past weekend, there was a charity run for Alden, and her school has promoted various fundraising programs for her as well.

Alden is expected to make a full recovery from the disease and is well on her way there, according to Vasquez. Doctors say the cells have not reached her lungs and she has had to go through extensive chemotherapy and bone replacement surgery. Her therapy will not be over until October.

For an up-to-date report on her treatment schedule as well as how Alden is recovering, well-wishers can visit Donations can also be made on that site and at



Photo by David Stone


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