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Undiscovered treasures, right in our own back yard

By: Tracy Doren

April 5, 2008   

Exploring: Seems there isnít much out there to discover any more. Every inch of the world has been mapped. As we travel deeper and deeper into space to conquer that final frontier, is there any unknown remaining? Is there anything out there still undiscovered?

Iíd be willing to bet thereís plenty to find right in our own backyard. The Kyrene Corridor is rich with opportunity for an urban explorer.

Iíve lived in this area for the majority of my adult life, and only recently realized how many undiscovered treasures lie right at my fingertips.

So many of our lives are packed full of the mundane tasks of day-to-day living that we fail to see the diversity and beauty surrounding us.

I think if we just slowed down and took off our blinders, we might really appreciate what we have right here at home.

Between racing to drop off one kid at soccer, one at choir, one at work and one at basketball practice, it seems there hasnít been much time to look around and see what my community has to offer.

Iíve been so focused on getting all the kids to their designated drop-offs on time that I havenít had (or made?) time to check out what has been happening around here in the past few years.

Recently, Iíve made a conscious effort to see whatís going on around the Kyrene Corridor. If you have the time or inclination, there are many things to discover for yourself.

Did you know thereís a music store tucked away in a strip mall that will teach you how to play Guitar Hero on a real guitar? Maybe now I can become the rock star I was always meant to be.

I can cross the street to pick up a vintage record album and even catch a live performance in the same store. By the way, the owner can also fix the scratched up CDs and DVDs that have been played on way too many trips in Momís Taxi.

After Iíve tired of browsing the music scene, thereís a seemingly infinite number of restaurants to satisfy my every craving. Anything from a delicious slice of homemade bread to a gourmet dinner is there for the asking.

It isnít just the rich choices in businesses by which weíre surrounded, but the beauty of the land, as well.

Itís a 10-minute drive to hike the beautiful desert, or we can set off for downtown Tempe to enjoy the many diversions available at Tempe Town Lake.

If you donít think thereís a wealth of options to delight and entertain, I invite you to take a journey off your charted course for a day and find out for yourself.

I think you might be surprised at what is out there, yet to be discovered by you.


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