February 19, 2005 issue

Running: Itís about time
People have been running since prehistoric man or woman learned to stand upright. The question is, have we learned anything since then? Dean Hebert says he has

By Doug Snover


Teensí talents bring ĎMusicí to the ears
Thereís trouble brewing at Kyrene Middle School these days, but itís a kinder and gentler sort of trouble, the kind of trouble that makes folks nostalgic for the good olí days.

By Doug Snover

Emergency responders sought for volunteer disaster team
Residents whoíd like to be able to help their neighbors in case of a widespread emergency or disaster are being recruited for Chandlerís Community Emergency Response Team.

Sports Notebook
A season to celebrate
As the current season winds down, Corona del Sol High School once again can claim title as having some of the best athletic teams in the state.
By Ethan Holly  & Cody Roth

Discerning Diner...with Elan Head
Cherries good for more than pie, no lie

When you hear the name George Washington, whatís the first thing that comes to mind? If youíre like me, itís two words: cherry tree.

Youíll be hearing more about these whiz kids ó count on it
How many hundreds are there in one trillion? Whatís the difference between the mode, the mean and the median? Whatever you do, pleeeease donít ask me.
By Melissa Hirschl

Techno Files...with Riley Gay
Cheap PC may be fine today, but look to future needs before buying

Is a $500 system really the best value when Kyrene Corridor shoppers start spending their hard-earned cash?

Film Fare...with Mark Moorehead
Son of Mask

Jamie Kennedy, 34, debuts as the star of the new family film Son of Mask, sequel to The Mask

Screen gems...with M.V. Moorhead
DVD: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The hero of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is, if nothing else, aptly named ó heís an anthropomorphic sponge.