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Frustration grows over Corona air quality issues


March 22, 2008   

Editor’s note: The following message containing an email address for Diane Burt was reported by a number of recipients on March 18, the night before a scheduled meeting at the Tempe Union High School District. It provides an overview of the current efforts by Corona del Sol parents to gain resolution of air-quality problems at the school. Follow-up coverage of the meeting was not available before this issue of Wrangler News went to print.

Hi everyone. Seems this air quality thing is trying to get pushed under the nasty-infested rug... again!

People have asked for info, and it's not being delivered. If there's no problem, then I don't see the reason we can't get some very simple answers.
For the sake of our teachers and children—I truly believe we need to take action.

In addition to sending letters to the list of people I attached in the past emails, here's people views on some new thoughts and ideas.

1. IMPORTANT: There is a board meeting at the D.O. (district office) tomorrow night (March 19). Parents/students/staff are each allowed 3 minutes to voice their opinion, offer suggestions, make demands, etc. It would be nice if we could get as many people as possible at that meeting, voicing their opinions—it would make a big statement to the board. I believe the meeting is at 6 pm. (those of you working on Aprende's 8th grade dance, see if someone can go to this meeting for you! :) )

2. Contact the D.O. and obtain a copy of the Health Report that says all the mold is now gone. The D.O. has been telling staff/parents that the mold was taken care of. When asked to provide proof, however, the D.O. suddenly doesn't have access to it, or some other lame excuse. We want a new test. Shouldn't an air conditioning company be able to tell if a system has mold in it....that shouldn't even cost any money???

3. Conduct a new study from an independent, unbiased company—not Health Effects Group, which was hired by the D.O. For some reason, the teachers/staff do not trust that the testing done by that company was reliable. The staff would like parents to e-mail (Superintendent) Steve Adolph and request a new test be completed as soon as possible.

4. Organize a protest—there may be something in the works—but if parents/students could organize a big protest with signs it could be a news maker.

5. This is just another thought....for community involvement overall.
Possibly another approach is through the belief that we all want to keep our property valuable—even adults living in this community who have no children want to increase their equity, maintain their property values.

Get more people involved in the community as a whole—not just parents. A flyer placed at every house? A flyer on the mailboxes? Any ideas on how we can reach everyone? Possibly contact your neighborhood associations? I remember plenty of home owners at the Kyrene meetings. People live in these neighborhood's for a reason.

If we no longer have quality teachers....because they are afraid to come to work in an infested building....we won't have the academic standards we are so proud of.

Please pass this info on to as many people as possible. Corona is a place worth fighting for....but let's make sure they are not trying to 'tell us what they want us to hear'. People's health and lives are at could be your own child's! Thanks.


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