CdS Principal Susan Edwards: ‘Enjoying the job more than ever’
By: Matt Austin
Sept 13, 2008
Photo by David Stone

The pressure and hard work that go into being responsible for more than 2,000 individuals every week may seem overwhelming to many, but for Corona del Sol High School’s second-year principal Susan Edwards, it’s a daily challenge she faces with one foot forward.

Edwards has been involved with a number of different high schools throughout her 24-year career with the Tempe Union High School District, but just this last calendar year took on a new role as principal at CdS.

Now a month and a half into her second year in the job, Edwards admits perhaps enjoying herself even more this time around.

“I think I know the staff a lot better now than I did before and feel much more comfortable with my day-to-day activities as principal,” Edwards said.

“I’ve been able to meet more students this year, which I really like, and getting out to different classrooms and being seen on campus much more than I was able to last year.”

Edwards worked hard this past summer and again as the current school year started as Phase 4 of construction, designed to improve the school’s highly publicized air quality problems, got under way.

“We’re moving forward…with the HVAC system; it’s a 14-month-long project but it will be an exciting time and well worth it when everything is finished,” Edwards said.

“We’re just trying to keep staff morale high, as we all know this will be a somewhat strenuous time.”

Edwards has also had to deal with the recent departure of assistant principal Dr. Mark Duplissis, who recently took a job with Arizona State University.

“We are starting the interview process this week with the eight candidates for the position, five of which are internal and the other three external,” Edwards said.

“I’m very excited to get under way; it is an important job and what they do is great.”

With the school now in full motion and everyone settling into the new year, Edwards says she looks forward to the end of construction so that she can focus even more on student learning.

“As of right now I am consumed with all the construction being done, as there are so many decisions to be made,” Edwards said.

“But as I keep saying, we just need to look at everything with a ‘the glass is half full attitude’.”

And with Edwards in the forefront, it seems likely that is exactly what will happen.




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