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A new twist on dining out: dining in

By Jeff Burns

Sept 9, 2006

A new breed of food preparation has arrived in the Kyrene Corridor, promising to make dining at home a breeze.

The kitchen in a typical family household can be the stage of one of the most frantic and hectic times of the day—dinnertime.  Mothers rush to prepare dinner and have family time simultaneously.

With newly arrived Dinners Done Right, say its founders, less time can be spent preparing dinner and more time with the family.

The store gives customers the opportunity to prepare up to 12 meals in a span of only two hours. The meals are then ready to cook at home.

Owner Jane Franek says that, so far, the neighborhood has been receptive to the idea. Mothers, daughters, roommates and brothers have all shown up to see how it works.

As a matter of fact, Dinners Done Right thrives on the closeness of families. Franek says she receives help from her husband and daughter to run the store.

A meal-assembly franchise, the local operation joins others nationwide that have evolved more as    stores than restaurants. They have been growing since the concept was launched nearly five years ago.

The Kyrene Corridor store has changing menus every month. For August, customers have the option of preparing a variety of meals such as roasted tarragon chicken, Alaska sole florentine and Jamaican jerk burgers.

Ingredients are already prepared and laid out during the meal sessions. All that customers need to worry about bringing are enthusiasm and a cooler in which to carry the meals home.

“It actually works out for us because these sessions are cheaper than buying the groceries needed to make the exact same meal,” Franek said.

The session’s meals come in two sizes, perfect either for a large family or a household of two.

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Photo by David Stone


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