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Corona loses a principal, keeps a longtime friend

By: Nathan Scherotter

July 21, 2007

Twenty-seven years of experience as both a teacher and an administrator will be absent from Corona del Sol High School’s campus when school starts in August.

Principal Jim Denton, a fixture in the Corona family, recently was named associate superintendent of the Tempe Union High School District and will leave the job as principal that he has held since 1995.

“Steve Adolph (the new district superintendent, replacing Shirley Miles) and I have known each other for a long time,” Denton said.

“We’ve worked together before, teaching and on the administrative level, and he’s just a great guy and I wanted to work with him.”

Now, Corona faculty, students and parents are left with a big question mark as to who will take Denton’s place. The committee in charge of finding that replacement was due to start interviewing candidates July 18 and should have an answer by July 23, according to Denton.

Over his years at Corona, Denton has seen a school and a city transform.

“I’ve certainly seen a change; we’ve grown from almost 1,000 students at times to over 3,000 students recently,” Denton said.

“I’ve seen the area grow and seen it grow as a community as well,” he said. “I have seen a lot of great students and teachers come and go here, too.”

Denton played and coached Corona sports. He has seen National Merit Scholars, numerous state champions and thousands of great students.

“There are so many memories I have had at Corona, but seeing my daughter graduate was one of the best moments,” Denton said.

“I remember taking her to Aztykes (Corona’s innovative pre-school program) as a child, so seeing her graduate was very special. Also, seeing the overall success (of the) school has been very rewarding.”

Denton says he had planned to stay on board as Corona’s principal for a couple more years to see his son graduate.

But now, he says, with this new opportunity, he doesn’t see a definite end to his career. What is a definite is the fact that he will miss working at Corona.

“What I will miss most is the daily interaction with the faculty and students,” Denton said.

“I’ve appreciated all my years at Corona and all the faculty, parents and students I have come to know,” he said.

“It has really been a great experience for me.”

“If you look back at all the staff members that have had their children go through here, it is a sign that Corona is a great school and is comprised of great people.”

Next year as associate superintendent, Denton says he’d like to see the district continue on the path it is on and continue to be recognized as one of the best in the state.

“Tempe Union is a great district,” Denton said.

“I’d like to see it maintain its quality, but at the same time I’d like to see it become a close- knit district.”

Nathan Scherotter is a 2007 graduate of Corona del Sol High School. He will enter Arizona State University in August as a journalism major.



Photo by David Stone


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