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McClintock bike lane study heads toward June wrap-up

Studies examining last year’s reconfiguration of McClintock Drive, a project that was launched to enhance bicyclist convenience and safety, are headed toward a June completion date, according to a new projection by Tempe officials.

For this retiring pair, Valentine’s Day blossoms anew

Growing arrays of heart-shaped candies, red and pink balloons, chocolate and a chubby cherub armed with a bow and arrow all point to one thing: Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us.

School’s lunchtime veggie bar foretells a persimmony future

Connie Allen, the physical education teacher at Mariposa School in Tempe, noticed when she would walk through the lunchroom that students’ diets were not exactly exemplary.

Bob Robson: Change of venue. same get-it-done ethic as always

A massive Diet Coke is clutched in his hands. I am convinced there must be some secret sauce in that massive drink; Bob Robson is tireless.

Onetime YMCA chief switches from kids to adults on the way to life’s final transistion

Vinny Mirizio, director of business development for Companion Hospice, didn’t always work with families facing the death of a loved one.

25-plus years, and we’re growing again…

Many of our longtime readers — including those who still call us The Warner Wrangler — recall the days of our modest launch in 1990, when friends and family helped deliver those first editions to a few hundred driveways bordering Warner Road in Tempe.

A boost for area charities as Mission del Sol finalizes plans for its Feb. 4 ‘Super Flea’ sale

You know those skinny jeans at the back of your closet and Aunt Gertrude’s silver candlesticks that you haven’t polished—or used—for the last 20 years?

Suicide prevention advocate driven by family legacy

For Kariana Blanchard, the early childhood coordinator at Tempe’s Arizona Community Church, the topic of suicide is deeply personal.
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