KTA principal lands $2,500 grant to enhance STEAM learning

A classroom in which every student has the opportunity to explore, imagine and participate in hands-on activities—that was the vision for Kyrene Traditional Academy’s DISCOVERoom STEAM classroom.

Little ‘normal’ as high schools kick off 2021 sports season

High school football practice fields across Tempe and Chandler look like boom towns gone bust after the oil ran dry. School gyms are locked, the...

Kyrene School District Governing Board candidates tell their stories

Five candidates, including one incumbent, are vying for three seats on the Kyrene Governing Board.

TUHSD Superintendent Mendivil on closure of schools due to pandemic

In the weeks leading up to the eventual state-wide school closures, I - like so many others in leadership positions - grappled with how closure would affect our students, families, teachers, and staff.

Kyrene Governing Board to look inside for new school district superintendent

The Kyrene Elementary School District Governing Board has decided to look inside for a superintendent to replace retiring Jan Vesely, who leaves Dec. 31.

Kyrene schools chief outlines roadmap

Editor’s note: As the pandemic continues to unfold, Kyrene Superintendent Jan Vesely issued a statement relating the safe return to school, now scheduled for...

TUHSD virtual town hall rolls out district’s plan–for now anyway

Town Hall meetings typically draw a crowd, with audience members eager to take to the microphone, make their point and ask a question.

Grads stymied by shrinking job market

Rob Hartland decided to put the hammer down and complete his sustainability degree from Arizona State University in three years.