Student production challenges creative, technical ingenuity

Story by M.V. Moorhead Even in these cooler months, Tempe seems pretty far away from rural Maine. But playgoers can get a breath of cool wintry New England air...

Explosions, crashes- and Tatum – are ‘White House Down’ mainstays

It’s said that for a few years after the huge success of the original Die Hard, every action movie idea in Hollywood was pitched...

A perfect time to dust off some of those delightful Thanksgiving favorites

There are countless well-loved Christmas movies, but Thanksgiving movies are a rarity. I’m not a much of a fan of 1995’s Home for the...
young girl enjoying bacon and eggs

Next Sunday’s brunch crawl is “bacon” us crazy

Summer is heating up, with Downtown Chandler’s You’re Bacon Me Crazy Brunch Crawl promising some tasty fun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday,...

Kyrene del Norte alum hits ‘cloud nine’ with Best Short Film award at festival

Kyrene del Norte alum and film writer-director Johnny Ysaguirre, delivers an award-winning short film in "Nice Shirt."

Flip Orley returns to his Phoenix roots for four hypnotizing shows at Tempe Improv

An exotic-looking guy in a tux, swinging a pocket watch in front of the eyes of his subject.

Intense drama unfolds in ‘Gidion’s Knot’

Even though it’s set in a fifth grade classroom, Gidion’s Knot is decidedly not for fifth graders, or even 6th graders.

Taking aim at a moving target in ‘Hunger Games’

Wild turkeys have been a recurring theme in my life recently. I missed the screening of The Hunger Games, still mopping up at the...

Diversions with M.V. Moorhead

A few flaws but Hamill emerges as ‘Shakespearean’

Robert Forster: Recalling a memorable encounter

By M.V. Moorhead Robert Forster passed on recently, at 78. Even though his hair had recently gone gray and thinner, the verve and sharp...