‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Original charm lost in an unrelenting siege of special effects

Possibly the finest hour onscreen for Mickey Mouse was “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” the segment of 1940’s Fantasia in which he played the title role. The...

Spider-man spins a new web of intrigue

Andrew Garfield looks like a spider—a daddy longlegs. That is to say, he looks like a daddy longlegs with the head of a Byronic...

Smurf redux

The third entry in Sony’s Smurf series focuses on Smurfette, the lone female among the tiny blue-skinned residents of Smurf Village.
VooDoo Daddy's new cajun food restaurant located in Tempe

Restaurant entrepreneur performs Voodoo magic—one more time

By M.V. Moorhead VooDoo Daddy’s is back—or maybe it would be more accurate to say it’s here for the first time, and potentially better than...

Rising country-pop singer makes a new home in the Valley

Whitney Fenimore has been watched by 15 million pairs of eyeballs on national television. She’s sung in front of Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton. She got to hear Adam Levine from Maroon 5 call her voice “powerful” in front of a studio audience.

Digital enhancements ensure movie-goers a truly moving experience, literally

At this writing I still haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Receding Hairline, or whatever this one is called. But I did get to...

Book explores womens’ struggles in male-dominant workplace

By Christopher Fiscus A new book by two Arizona State University professors chronicles the rise of women in America’s newsrooms and lessons about what...

‘Super-villainy’ as real in life as in film depiction

Just as it was difficult to discuss 2008’s The Dark Knight out of the shadow of the heartbreaking loss of Heath Ledger, so it’s...

Young musicians ‘Plugged In’ as finalists for Chandler Center concert

While the Diamondbacks were battling the Oakland A’s a couple of weeks ago, a different sort of battle was going on next door at Alice Cooperstown.

‘Hidden Figures’ unveils overt segregation rampant in America in the 1950s, ’60s

We tend to think of NASA as part of the “New Frontier” and “Camelot” and the general unembarrassed optimistic idealism we associate, accurately or...