“The Big Friendly Giant”

Childplay’s production of Roald Dahl’s modern fairy tale, “The Big Friendly Giant,’’ will run May 1-23 at the Tempe Center for the Arts. The...

‘Island’ signals rebirth of Garcia’s career future

Andy Garcia has been around movies since the mid-‘80s, playing gangsters, cops and other steely tough guys. My wife has always had a strong...

Film Fare: Streep reaches a high note in comedic ’40s docu-singoff

Florence Foster Jenkins—The title character was a much-loved patron of the New York classical music scene who loved to sing.

Original ‘Invasion’ still a good scare

If you’re looking for a scary classic DVD for this month of ghouls and goblins, you might consider the original Invasion of the Body...

‘Green Hornet’: A few super moments but mainly a super disappointment

One of the signs that you’re a true movie star may be when you get cast in a classic role for which you seem...

Attempt at first novel ends with arrival of a remarkable look-alike

A little over 10 years ago, mostly at the urging of a friend, I wrote my first novel. It took me about a year,...

The BFG: Definitely not Spielberg’s best, but Rylance is a ‘Big Friendly Deal’ nonetheless

The title stands for “Big Friendly Giant,” and the title character is just that—a pleasant colossus (Mark Rylance) whose job is deliver pleasant dreams.

Famed amusement park gives birth to comic duo, and to a lifetime of wondrous...

Editor’s note: Kyle Maki helped guide Wrangler News for almost 15 years, during which he matured from high school graduate, to four years at...

A perfect time to dust off some of those delightful Thanksgiving favorites

There are countless well-loved Christmas movies, but Thanksgiving movies are a rarity. I’m not a much of a fan of 1995’s Home for the...

At Childsplay’s Wayside School, the fun promises to be 30 stories high

The academic year is well underway, and if your kids are having a hard time adjusting to their school, maybe they need a taste of Wayside School to put things in perspective.