Local coffee entrepreneur pours his energy into expansion

Loyal patrons of Steve’s Espresso in Tempe know they can count on excellent, personalized service and a great cup of java, made by the epicurian French press method.

Hospital brings renown to area’s kid-centric urgent care facility

Spring is upon us here in South Tempe and West Chandler, and for many families, that brings both joy and pain.

“Amazing’ 13-year-old scores a save with the best play of his life

Nathan Boyer, a student at West Chandler’s Aprende Middle School, is crazy about baseball. He’s been playing since he was 3. “I love everything about it,” he says with a grin.

Pollack discount cinemas a trivia lover’s dream come true

Before owning and operating a movie theater, I knew very little about the movie theater business,” says Michael Pollack.

Heroin abuse drives new focus on therapeutics

  By Joyce Coronel As the nation continues to face climbing rates of heroin abuse, medical providers are writing significantly fewer prescriptions for narcotic painkillers such...

For seniors at care center, ‘It’s never too late’ to enjoy life

By Joyce Coronel Kimberly and Scott Simon and their four small children made their way through the lobby of the Westchester Memory Care Unit in...

How a typo changed the course of history

Ever wonder why Chandler has such a jagged, irregular border with Tempe?

Tempe 1st AZ city picked as a ‘dementia friendly’ pilot site

By Joyce Coronel Tempe is home to the largest university in America, but it’s also home to 13,660 senior citizens. About 1,500 of them are...

Kyrene’s Schauer makes unexpected departure

  Dr. David Schauer, who has headed the Kyrene School District for the past 10 years, announced on Thursday that he was ending his role...

Artistry stiches together story of the 12 Tribes of Israel

With Easter and Passover just around the corner, Christians and Jews turn their hearts toward Israel.