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For teens, a closeup look at the tragedy of drinking and driving

It comes as no surprise that teenagers are in the high-risk category for accidents related to the use of alcohol.

Revisiting Oktoberfest

It might have been hard to do, but planners of last year’s Tempe Oktoberfest were quick to admit their miscalculation: bringing in professionals to stage the popular downtown fest was akin to New Coke’s marketing fiasco.

Holocaust Remembrance Day speaker at St. Andrew’s

Speaker and author Marty Brounstein will give two keynote addresses on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Saturday, April 22 at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, 3450 W. Ray Road, Chandler.

Divergent views as Tempe nears end of bike-lane study

The public meetings are over and the online-comment period has ended.

Chief Duggan: Chandler police adapt to changing times

In a world where everyone with a smartphone is a reporter, a story is going to be told with every interaction between the police and citizens.

Easter offers an inviting time for newcomers

For those who haven’t grown up Catholic, the prospect of actually joining the 2,000-year-old church might seem a bit daunting.

Kids learn kindness by ‘buddying up’

There’s nothing quite as lonesome as being the kid at school who has no one to play with.

Adopted dogs join reunion celebrating their 2011 rescue

In this springtime season of hope and renewal, a small group of volunteers demonstrated the power of love.
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