Chandler Center features artist’s imagery

Pieces that seem to represent a hodgepodge of everyday and non-everyday images form the building blocks of Mary Bruns.

State grant helps Tempe PD face challenges of growth in tourism

Randy Wilson knows by experience the challenge that Tempe faces as a byproduct of the huge and frequent influx of visitors that come to enjoy the city’s recreational offerings, a virtual smorgasbord of fun, dining and—no surprise—drinking.

Tempe hospital: Surge in heroin overdoses sets a state record

Tempe is like many college towns: a sprawling campus, lively nightlife and a network of bike lanes. But there’s something else going on here too, something that often goes unseen.

For Valentine’s Day 2016, a grieving mom gains a new look

Brenda Vanderbur sat inside Ragtops Salon in south Tempe, awaiting a pre-Valentine’s Day makeover session with stylist and co-owner Ginger Braaten.

This year, rescue your Valentine’s Day doldrums with a furry housemate

Looking for that new “leash on life?” How about a “fur-ever” friend? Perhaps it's time to reconsider “puppy love.”

Diablo scholarships

Tempe’s Diablos service organization has launched its 2016 scholarship and community-grants initiative, aiming at another record year for contributions and the financial support made...

Tempe South Rotary raffling golf trip to Scotland

Tempe South Rotary Club is hosting a raffle to raise funds for local education and global clean water initiatives.

What kids gain from coaching paves way to success as adults

If you can work smoothly with teammates on a field or a court, you most likely can do the same in the workforce.

New pastor offers pledge to help the most vulnerable

The Rev. Robert Aliunzi is one of West Chandler’s newest residents but he’s already gained thousands of new friends.

On the street: Cities launch homeless count

You’ve seen them standing at the freeway exits or on street corners, holding makeshift signs with scrawled pleas for assistance.