OK to take a bite out of crime, but not out of the mail...

When your neighborhood mail carrier tells you he doesn’t buy the story that your cocker spaniel, whose bared fangs are inches from his ankle, never bites, don’t argue.

At senior-care center, puppy kisses brighten residents’ future

Bath? Check. Ears cleaned? Check. Teeth brushed? Check. Then it’s time to buckle on the uniform vest and head off to work.

Despite flaws and potential risks, a ‘Yes’ vote on Prop. 123 makes sense

Do you still have your early ballot on the kitchen table?

Teen actors play a lifesaving role vs. drunken driving

It’s been 20 years, but tears still roll down Sonya Brinton’s cheeks as she recalls what happened to her family on that fateful night during the summer of 1996.

Agent’s advice to budding authors: you can judge a book by its cover

When Linda Radke was a little girl, her grandmother stressed taking pride in her work and in having a good reputation.

Grant energizes ASU’s role in $26 mil update of Mexico’s power grid

Mexico needs to update its power grid, and with a $26 million grant and the help of an ASU engineering professor, the job has finally gotten the economic jolt it needs for work to begin.

Real estate prices show surprising momentum

Tempe and West Chandler were among the metropolitan areas hardest hit during the recession, during which homeowners lost as much as 50 percent of their home values.

Thanks, Mom: Sandy Wood, Tempe mother extraordinare

Sandy Wood sits on the dark leather sofa in the living room of her Tempe home, thinking back on what it has meant to her to be a mother.

Summer camp … summer fun!

Families looking for fun and wholesome diversions for their kids during summer break have a wide variety of options to choose from this year.

Hospital brings renown to area’s kid-centric urgent care facility

Spring is upon us here in South Tempe and West Chandler, and for many families, that brings both joy and pain. As area children...