Neighborhood light display marks Jewish celebration of Hanukkah

A towering dreidel, Stars of David and menorahs in green laser lights outside a West Chandler home make it clear: Hanukkah, the annual Jewish eight-day celebration, is at hand.

Area church to hold Nov. 3 service for families with special-needs members

A religious service geared toward children with special needs will now be a regular feature at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in West Chandler.

20-country odyssey to deliver a message of faith

By Joyce Coronel A small sign near the exit of the parking lot at Arizona Community Church is emblematic of the congregation’s philosophy: “You are...

New pastor’s ministerial ‘Epiphany’ discovered at age 12

The Rev. Hunter Ruffin, new pastor of Church of the Epiphany in South Tempe, remembers the day he told his family he wanted to...

West Chandler experiences influx of entrepreneurial initiative, priests, in nod to globalization

When Dr. A. J. Chandler settled in the Arizona Territory in 1891, he couldn’t have known that one day in the future, the city named for him would host a gathering of African-born clergy.

Seton teen’s mission of mercy for second-chance moms lets him define a cause

It was more than just getting ready for school: He was on a mission of mercy.

Easter offers an inviting time for newcomers

For those who haven’t grown up Catholic, the prospect of actually joining the 2,000-year-old church might seem a bit daunting.

From refugee to Vatican–and now pastor of Tempe church

In an era in which the word “amazing” has become cliché, the newly installed pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Tempe has had a life’s journey that captures the true sense of the word.

Bulldozers pave way for church’s future

Pastor Troy Schmidt of Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Tempe keeps a hard hat on his desk.

Pastor’s Corner

“God did not intend that you leave your brain on the doorstep of the church.”