Special-needs teens get a boost to independence

The transition from life as a high school student to adulthood is fraught with challenges. For kids with special needs, the path can be even steeper.

The sometimes agonizing, frequently enlightening, lessons learned on the road to becoming a journalist

I’ve had the pleasure of writing about sports and a number of other topics for Wrangler News for a little over a year.

Dentistry from a pair of self-ackowledged ‘perfectionists’

"We’re both perfectionists. We’ll never say, ‘It’s good enough.’ We strive for perfection.”

For Valentine’s Day 2016, a grieving mom gains a new look

Brenda Vanderbur sat inside Ragtops Salon in south Tempe, awaiting a pre-Valentine’s Day makeover session with stylist and co-owner Ginger Braaten.

Tragedy strikes Corona community

It’s the kind of letter principals dread sending.

Center brings joy to disabled

When Jenny Hardaway graduated from Corona, her parents wondered what the future would hold for her.

Wrangler’s content and our policy on political advertising

It will come as no surprise to this newspaper’s regular readers that, for the past 25 or so years, our content has reflected a commitment to community values.

Grace Community pastor gets personal about his faith

Desmond Wadsworth, or “Pastor Des” as he’s known to his flock at Grace Community Church, is anything but your typical pastor.

Theatre for teens exposes the hurt cast by bullies

By M.V. Moorhead Some of the most devoted theatre artists never set foot onstage, preferring to contribute from behind the scenes. Floyd Walston is among...

‘Wrangler News’ editor’s latest book aims to encourage; follows earlier interviews with victims of...

Tempe journalist, author and Wrangler News editor Joyce Coronel enjoys a writer's dream—to be approached by a publisher and asked to write a book.