What are your hopes for new year? Chandler, Tempe leaders weigh in

Chandler and Tempe leaders weigh in on their hopes for the new year.

AIA cancels high school winter sports amid increasing COVID-19 cases

The Arizona Interscholastic Association, the governing body of high school sports in the state, on Friday announced that it has canceled the winter sports season after twice moving back the starting date due to increasing cases of COVID-19.

2020: It was a train wreck

2020: It was a train wreck. Wrangler News looks back on a year in South Tempe and West Chandler that jumped the tracks with a pandemic, social and political unrest ... and an actual train wreck.

Family of West Chandler girl, 9, grateful for Christmas gift of life

Morgan Bell, 9, and her mother, Bridgette, of West Chandler, will have a joyous Christmas. Morgan survived peripheral T-cell lymphoma, a very rare and aggressive type of non Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer. One in a million get it, making known treatments equally rare. Very few patients survive it. 

Lighting up the holidays

Even though this year has dimmed many of our Christmas celebrations, the lights along Mill Avenue as well as the beloved display at Pollack Center In Tempe continue to brighten our spirits.

Brothers blessed when idea pops of year-round holiday spirit at their firms

In the seven years since creating Tempe-based Kettle Heroes, a kettle-popcorn business that seeks out everyday heroes to honor, as well as its next-door sister entity, Devoted Guardians, a medical home-care service, the Sinykin brothers have shown that success in business and having a heart as corporate citizens are not mutually exclusive.

The tasty treats of Christmas stir sweet memories of another time

What makes the holiday season so special? Family, friends, our places of worship and, of course, those lovingly created treats.

Kyrene del Norte alum hits ‘cloud nine’ with Best Short Film award at festival

Kyrene del Norte alum and film writer-director Johnny Ysaguirre, delivers an award-winning short film in "Nice Shirt."

Chandler, Tempe on holiday schedules

Most Chandler and Tempe municipal services will be on holiday schedules the weeks of Dec. 20, in honor of Christmas, and Dec. 27, in honor of New Year’s.

As 2020 passes, spirit of giving still strong as a Christmas blessing

In a difficult year, three burgeoning faith communities in Tempe and West Chandler, have not lost their spirit of giving.