College tuition scandal a ‘heartbreaker’ for Tempe family

Commentary by Joyce Coronel Securing a spot in a top-notch, prestigious university is one of those achievements many young people and their parents dream of...

They’re the real faces of the places we know, and always with a smile

Julian, one of the longtime security officers who greeted us last year when we drove onto the campus until he retired in May—who we came to regard as the “face” of Marcos de Niza

Hometown news: Mostly fun, sometimes challenging, once in a while scary

In case you think that we at Wrangler News live a life devoid of stress or even outright hazard once in a while, let us set the record straight. We don’t.
Wrangler News editor Joyce Coronel

In challenging times, our community’s churches remain a wellspring of hope

This is the time of year when those of us who live in Tempe and West Chandler enjoy the warmer days of spring and visits from loved ones who are escaping, if only for a few blessed days, the shoveling of snow and perilous driving on icy streets.

As veterans tribute nears, a legacy lives on, inspires

Veterans Day isn’t merely an occasion for furniture or appliance shopping.

Listen up: One man’s venture into new world of hearing

Why should we spend time discussing something we know nothing—and, to be fair, care nothing—about? Well, my mindless undergraduates, I was hoping you would ask.

$2 million to help combat homelessness in East Valley and other metro areas

By Jack Sellers Maricopa County’s explosive growth brings with it some challenges, including a shortage of affordable housing that contributes to an increase in homelessness...

Neighbors Close-Up: Pollack, sidekick go back to teens

Marketing/public-relations director and designated broker for real estate superstar Michael Pollack, Patrick Cassidy sits back on the wrought-iron chair at a Tempe Starbucks and launches into a story about a woman who awoke one morning hearing her 2-year-old son screaming in agony.

Where is my tough first newspaper editor when we need him?

Commentary . . . By Don Kirkland

Education movement continues to increase visibility of public school funding issues

The #RedForEd movement is rolling along, despite the seasonal summer break. It’s a lower profile, of course, compared with the large volume of teachers who participated in the walkout in April.