Wrangler News editor Joyce Coronel

One man’s display of compassion

Do you ever hear about tragedies and cancer patients and natural disasters and think to yourself: “For heaven’s sake! I’m just one person. What am I supposed to do about all this?”

Where is my tough first newspaper editor when we need him?

Commentary . . . By Don Kirkland

As veterans tribute nears, a legacy lives on, inspires

Veterans Day isn’t merely an occasion for furniture or appliance shopping.

Do you love Wrangler News as much as we do? Here’s how you can...

In other words, as we have said many times, we aren’t looking under rocks for headline-grabbing sensationalism.

Family of five will surround mom with love on her day, but missing a...

As to whom they’ll all dote over that day, Doreen will still be the matriarch. For the first time, though, she will not have her own mom on Mother’s Day.

As paper costs rise, so do our hopes you’ll want to help

Honestly, folks, we really do believe in what we do. And, from what we hear in our everyday travels, it seems that you do too.

No bodies in the street? What kind of newspaper are we, anyway…

We’ve been hearing a lot from readers about (a) all the political ads that have appeared in our pages lately and (b) how much those readers appreciated the generally more civil tone of discourse evident in Wrangler News compared to some of the other election-season messaging.

Neighbors Close-Up: Pollack, sidekick go back to teens

Marketing/public-relations director and designated broker for real estate superstar Michael Pollack, Patrick Cassidy sits back on the wrought-iron chair at a Tempe Starbucks and launches into a story about a woman who awoke one morning hearing her 2-year-old son screaming in agony.

Words from the wise: In this season, make them yours

Wise men came in the midst of darkness to render him homage. That’s one of the many images you see popping up in dazzling holiday...

Survivor’s advice: When life throws you a curve, get on your Harley and ride

If you haven't twisted down hard on the throttle and felt the punch a big motorbike can deliver, you might not understand Greg Venneberg's crazy passion for two-wheeled travel. But his reason for riding will still inspire you.