Tempe first to combine strategies to learn how water sources can affect our public...

Commentary by Jennifer Adams Tempe has a long history of leaning forward into challenges. Our community is built on doing what some might think is...

One of our all-time fave employees is gone, but not likely to be forgotten

“So are you a Corona guy?” He asked me as if we’d known each other for years and were just catching up.

Fur flies as opinions shed light on roaming cat issue

Story and photo by Joyce Coronel You’ve seen them scurrying down the street, leaping on walls and darting behind hedges. According to a national pet owners’...

Humility: Is this the story behind Tempe’s enviable claim to livability?

As reporters and editors, one of the lessons we learn early on is where to go for the information we need. While certain kinds...

Closure stuns café scene; Postino’s readies takeover

Commentary by M.V. Moorhead Amid a fair amount of civic and media hoopla—some of it written in these very pages by yours truly—Tempe Public...

Help Tempe recycle right . . . even during the holidays

By Jennifer Adams Recycling is important to the City of Tempe. Your City Council recently reaffirmed its commitment to recycling, in spite of changes in global...

A daughter’s memories of a dad who saw the best in others

With Fathers’ Day right around the corner, my mind naturally turns to my own father, the man who taught me how to love, how...

From sons to mom, and mom to son: A Mother’s Day salute

By Joyce Coronel With Mother’s Day just around the corner, my thoughts turn to years past when little hands gathered bouquets of wildflowers or were pressed...

I have never seen a player change an entire program like Swearingen has

Jon Ladd of Tempe writes that he never has seen one player turn around a high school football program the way senior quarterback Quade Swearingen has at Corona del Sol.

College tuition scandal a ‘heartbreaker’ for Tempe family

Commentary by Joyce Coronel Securing a spot in a top-notch, prestigious university is one of those achievements many young people and their parents dream of...