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Fur real
By David Stone

December 3, 2005

At Kilburn Bell’s house, a normal Sunday evening turned into a small adventure—and gave him the self-imposed job of finding homes for a litter of abandoned kittens.

Bell said he was on his way out when he heard a literal cacophony of meows, all emanating from a tree in his front yard.

The furry wee ones, six in all, apparently had been abandoned earlier in the day.

“Two or three of them were as high as the top of the tree,” Bell said.

Seeing the kittens helpless and hungry pulled at Bell’s heart strings, he said. Looking the other way just wasn’t an option.

“After gathering up the ones we could reach I went to fetch my ladder to get those we couldn’t, as well as a box to put them in.”

They took the little balls of fluff inside and started making phone calls to friends, family, co-workers and newspapers.

Their efforts paid off, with all but one of the kittens finding new homes. And that one’s fate: A permanent spot in the Bells’ household.


Photo by David Stone



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