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Thanks to you, we're the 'Best'

By: Don Kirkland

August 4, 2007

If you’re a subscriber to Phoenix magazine (and you should be!), you may already know that Wrangler News has been named the Valley’s best community newspaper.

That’s great news, of course. Among other things it means that we’ve been doing something right these past 17 years. It also means that, whether you’re a reader, an advertiser or a contributor of content to our news and feature pages, you’ve played a role in helping us achieve this enviable recognition.

Naturally, it would seem to make sense that we could enjoy our 15 minutes of fame and move on to the next impending deadline, without another thought.

But that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

Being considered No. 1 among the many fine community publications around our Valley simply means that we need to redouble our efforts to deserve the confidence you and others have vested in us.

This applies not only to our readers and advertisers but to the legion of dedicated writers and photographers who have understood our mission and remained loyal contributors, even when other opportunities beckoned.

To all of you who have supported our efforts, and indeed to Phoenix magazine for the honor it has bestowed on us, we pledge to continue our efforts to “make a big community a little bit smaller.”

We encourage you to join us in this effort, too, whether by suggesting coverage ideas or just by telling others about us.

All of us working together can help to ensure a continuing sense of pride in the neighborhoods we call home.



Don Kirkland


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