April 30, 2005 issue

City launches ‘urgent’ inquiry into Rural/Carver traffic fatality
Julie Wilfert spotted the debris as she drove through the intersection of Rural and Carver roads last Friday morning, and it made her feel ill.  Then she saw the people gathered around a wrecked minivan.

By Doug Snover

Living with 2 cultures
Cinco de Mayo. For some it’s a celebration of Mexico’s victory in 1862 over the French at Puebla. For others less historically inclined, May 5 is a day to celebrate all things Mexican.
By Doug Snover  

Discerning Diner...with Elan Head
A Mother’s Day toast (P.S. Don’t forget the socks)
French toast is such a simple breakfast that even husbands and children can make it well. Yet unlike, say, pancakes, which create a lot of dishes first thing in the morning, French toast makes a very containable mess.

Celebrating Mom
Whether you want to celebrate the day religiously or with a nice meal, here are some options to help you pay that perfect tribute to Mom.

‘Scrub and Grub’ fills campus needs, hungry stomachs
Students and community members recently collaborated, donating a Saturday morning to beautify the campus of Corona del Sol High School in exchange for free food and pride in their work.
By Jonathan Cooper  

Sports Notebook
Corona volleyball hopes stay alive
Boys Volleyball continued its route for the Central Region title as the team coasted through four straight region match-ups. 
By Cody Roth & Ethan Holly

Win wraps up first Aztec lacrosse season
The Corona del Sol Aztec lacrosse team finished its inaugural season April 8 with a close 8-7 victory in the JV state championship game against Desert Mountain High School.

Resident group announces recall movement
A newly formed group opposed to cuts in the Kyrene School District’s budget for music and physical education classes has announced plans to file a recall application next week against Board President Rae Waters.

Kyrene Athlete of the Week
Kyrene Middle School: Laura Bohning
Kyrene Athletes of the Week are selected by each school’s coaching staff

Work ready to begin on fire, police stations serving Chandler’s westside neighborhoods
Construction of the $8.2 million joint-use facility will start in the next several weeks on the northeast corner of Chandler and Desert Breeze boulevards.

Film Fare...with Mark Moorehead
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Be prepared for plenty of Monty Python surrealism and dry, sarcastic British humor. Fasten your seatbelts and fly from planet to planet via a new method of crossing interstellar space called the “infinite improbability drive.”

Student club unveils its talents at first film festival
Once upon a time, a long time ago—back when I was in high school, in other words—being a member of what was then called the "Audio-Visual Club" was a badge of the nerd. But times have changed, and cinema-mania has become respectable, even cool.
By M.V. Moorhead