Parent forum designed to boost academic excellence

Parents dedicated to promoting academic excellence have come together to establish APPLE—Arizona Parents for PubLic Education—an education coalition.

The partnership was formed to impact opinion leaders and policy makers through legislative advocacy.

Parents from districts around the Valley—Gilbert Unified School District, Kyrene Elementary School District, Madison Elementary School District, Paradise Valley Unified School District, Scottsdale Unified School District, and Washington Elementary School District—provide the leadership for the APPLE coalition. 

While some members participate on behalf of their school districts, other members participate as individuals. The common goal of all members, however, is to explore issues and help parents become effective advocates for a quality public education for all Arizona children. 

One of the initial goals of APPLE is to create and promote collaborative, constructive communication between parents and state legislators.  The coalition will also provide communities with a  forum to discuss and support legislative issues that affect education.

Parents are invited to participate in a survey, available on-line until Aug. 31, at