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Young entrepreneur's No. 1 mentor: his Mom

By Jeff Burns

July 15, 2006

When Lorenzo Aguilar was given the chance to start his own State Farm Insurance branch, he was grateful that he gained his experience from one of the top agents around—his mother.

 Judy Aguilar-Woertz is a reputable State Farm Agent within the Kyrene Corridor. She originally offered Lorenzo a job to work at her office about eight years ago. Now experienced, 29-year-old Lorenzo hopes to continue the exceptional reputation that the family has to offer.

Aguilar says that he is interested in the business because he has the opportunity to impact families’ lives in a real way.  If he helped out families during hard times then possibly karma would be able to help him out in the long run too.

Aguilar says ultimately he would like to become one of the most reliable agents in the area. In order to do so, Aguilar says he would rely on his genuine desire to help people and to overcome obstacles.

“I know that this will certainly require investment from me in one form or another,” Aguilar said. “Hopefully once we start to get some momentum I will be able to spend as much time as I need with my own family.”

It is too soon to see whether or not there may be a third generation of agents in the family, but Lorenzo will not rule it out. He has two younger sons who just may work under his supervision one day at the office.

As for his mother’s office, Aguilar said that he would not try to create competition.

So far we have a strong partnership,” Aguilar said. “As a matter of fact, we just had a co-office happy hour. I hope that clients can see our last name and rely on both of the offices.”

Aguilar’s temporary store opened on July 1 and has been consistently busy since its opening.  It is located on 51 West Elliot, between Kyrene and Rural.  He is planning on having a permanent office built and ready to open by next spring.

“I am definitely nervous,” Aguilar said. “But at the same time this is something I have always wanted to have.”

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