Nature’s beauty in glorious display

A combination of mild winter temperatures and above-average rainfall in January, February and so far in March hav created the perfect conditions for a ‘super bloom’ of wildflowers across the state. While a handful of mountain ranges and lakes around the Valley are seeing an explosion of flowers, Picacho Peak State Park has been truly exploding with spring colors. Picacho, located along the Interstate-10 just a few miles south of Eloy, is home to a handful of hikes for both families and experienced hikers. There is a one-time $7 entrance fee for single vehicles that is good for one week. The bright golden-yellow fields have created a beautiful contrast to the native Arizona cacti on our desert terrain. The bloom at Picacho has been active since early February and is expected to continue through mid- to end-of March, slowing creeping up in elevation of the peak, replacing the normally brown sides with color and visitors. The vibrant California poppies have brought tourists from around the world to see the spectacle. Vehicles from Mexico, Canada, Minnesota and an abundance of other states can be found at the state park, with hikers and photographers admiring nature’s beauty.

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