Tempe Council member Kuby running for state Corporation Commission

Lauren Kuby, a two-term Tempe City Council member and former vice mayor, announced that she is running for a four-year term on the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2022.

Tempe City Council member Lauren Kuby announced on her twitter page that she plans to run for Arizona Corporation Commission, the state’s regulatory panel of utilities, among other things.

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Kuby was elected to the City Council on a sustainability platform in 2014 and re-elected in 2018. The 34-year resident of Tempe is a long-time community leader who advocates for worker protections, equity and climate-change action.

“Arizona has the potential to be the leader in the nation when it comes to clean energy, but we’re paying more for basic utilities while using less sustainable energy sources than neighboring states,” Kuby said on her twitter post. “We need a clear plan towards an affordable and equitable energy future, and I plan to deliver that for Arizona.”

Kuby said she is running as a Clean Elections candidate for the four-year term in 2022.

As manager of community outreach for Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation, as well as her work managing ASU’s Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family, Kuby champions sustainable solutions and healthy communities, bringing together the ASU community, local businesses, nonprofits and neighborhood organizations to address the “Three Es:” economy, equity and environment.

As a Tempe City Council member, Kuby led the city’s efforts for social, economic and environmental justice, including: equal pay, earned sick days, affordable housing, climate action planning, urban forestry, animal welfare, government transparency and campaign-finance reform.

She spearheaded a dark-money disclosure amendment to the city’s charter that received 91 percent support from the voters.

Kuby earned a bachelor’s degree in Early American History from the University of Chicago and a master’s in Public History and Certificate in Scholarly Editing from ASU. She resides in central Tempe with her husband, Mike, a professor at ASU’s School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning.



  1. I have lived and worked in Tempe for almost sixty years. Tempe has been truly blessed with dedicated caring Mayors and City Council Members representing all “political stripes”. They have come together to do wonderful things for our community. I have been fortunate to work with many of these dedicated public servants.

    Council member Lauren Kuby has been outstanding. She would have to be on my all star team. She is passionate about her responsibilities. She does her homework and comes prepared. Her decision to seek election comes with mixed emotions for me. She has been so responsive at al times of the day or night for issues pertaining to Tempe. I will miss that.

    But, she is eminently qualified to serve on the Arizona Corporation Commission. That is a critical organization that requires competence, dedication and commitment.

    Please join with me in supporting and working to get Lauren Kuby elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

  2. I have reservations supporting Ms. Kuby for the Corporation Commission. Utility regulation requires deep understanding of finance and economics, which are not in Kuby’s formal education. One only needs to look to California to see the impacts on utility bills of their desert citizens from a singular focus on sustainability.


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