Rate hikes to aid reliability of water, solid-waste services, Tempe says

Tempe increases rates for water and solid-waste services. –Tempe photo

Increases in fees to Tempe ratepayers for water and solid waste that became effective this week will ensure the reliability and affordability of these services, according to the city.

Following a public-rate study and Tempe City Council approval, the new rates went into effect Jan. 3.

The rates are expected to increase the utility bill for the median single-family home by about $5.19 a month – $3.25 for water and $1.92 for solid waste.

The higher rates also support replacement of aging infrastructure, which will address water-main breaks and interruption to service.

The increased solid-waste collection rate also addresses alley conditions, recycling diversion and growing the city’s green-organics program, all of which are designed to provide a better quality of life and long-term cost savings to residents.

–Tempe photo

Wastewater rates are unchanged.

Water and solid-waste services are fully funded by ratepayers. Because city sales taxes and property taxes do not fund these services, the costs must be recovered through residents’ monthly fees.

The 2021 rate adjustments are based on a detailed cost-of-service analysis to ensure that each utility customer class pays its proportionate share to provide those services.

For questions about rate adjustments: Customer Service at 480-350-8361, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More information about rates and the public process to adjust them: tempe.gov/UtilityRates and then click on “2020 Utility Rate Study” in the left navigation bar.

–Tempe photo


  1. Great timing assholes! We’re still on the ass end of a pandemic and a lot of people without jobs so it’s a perfect time for a rate hike! WTF is wrong with people???


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