COVID prompts Woods to extend time for developers to get permits, reviews

Tempe Mayor Corey Woods by proclamation has extended the length of time developers and builders have to get certain permits, reviews and variances for their projects in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From staffing needed to complete projects to the demand for certain types of buildings, the pandemic has impacted projects in several ways.

This proclamation, an extension of a proclamation issued earlier this year, states that:

  • For the next two years, all projects with construction documents in review for a building permit or engineering permit as well as all building safety permitted plans, are extended for one year from the date of expiration.
  • The requirement to apply for an extension prior to expiration of a permit is temporarily suspended. This includes approvals for Development Plan Review, minor General Plan Amendments, subdivision plats, use permits, variances and sign review/permits and other administrative actions.
  • Projects will be granted an automatic extension for one year from the date of expiration upon written notice to the Community Development Department.
  • Through Dec. 31, 2022, Tempe will consider administrative approval to defer initiating default or cure provisions under a development agreement for excusable delay of defaults and breaches of obligations. Developers, however, must provide a written request to the Tempe Economic Development Director or Community Development Director.
  • For health and safety, developers also may conduct neighborhood meetings virtually instead of in a location near the proposed development site until further notice. The alternative format must allow attendees to access all supporting materials, including the proposed site plan, elevations, landscape and explanation of the project and allow for a 15-day comment period where concerned residents must be allowed to comment or ask questions of the project team by email, telephone or other digital means.

Those with questions may reach out to Tempe Community Development at 480-350-4311 or email


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