What’s your QR IQ? Well, pretty high if you lassoed our site like a Wrangler!

This QR, or Quick Response, code whisks readers with a cellphone from our Wrangler News print edition here to wranglernews.com in one easy step for our latest news and updates. It’s our latest cutting-edge measure in the digital age.

So you made it! Congratulations!

If you are coming to wranglernews.com as a result of using the QR code on the cover of today’s Wrangler News print edition, welcome!

Take a look around.

Of course, if you’re here because you already are a regular wranglernews.com viewer, thank you!

Times are changing – in society, and in the news and information business.

Wrangler News is changing, too, and we’re certainly not going kicking and screaming. In fact, we are proud to say that as we expand the reach of our operation, we’re doing things that are cutting edge.

Start with that QR – or Quick Response – code. It directs readers with a cellphone here to our website. We are not aware of any other newspaper, large or small, anywhere else in the country doing this, and almost all of them are trying to devise ways to create website visitors. It’s quick and easy, and, we hope, effective.

So now that you’re all here . . . what?

Well, we hope this it is a step toward creating a tighter sense of community in South Tempe and West Chandler.

This is your turf! We’ve added these access points for you. We hope you read us, share us, engage with us, and most importantly regard us as your go-to source for local news. We hope you advertise with us, too. And, of course, that you support those who advertise with us.

Our data tells us that more and more of our readers are going online for quick, easy access to news updates. We want wranglernews.com to be your trusted source of information about what’s happening in your neighborhood, your community. And if you have a story idea or news tip, we really hope you send it our way!

Our analytics show that this website received nearly 19,000 page views in the last month, a whopping 105 percent increase over the previous 30 days. And we expect that solid growth to continue for months to come.

That should be great news to our advertisers. We reach an educated, well-heeled audience, just what you want! Please choose our various portals to deliver your advertising message!

In print, we come to you every-other week. We’re proud of our print content, and we’re not about to make our 30-plus years of driveway delivery to your home a thing of the past.

But, on the web, and on our social media pages, you get us instantly, so we can deliver news to you about our community immediately. You’ll see content here that you won’t see in our print edition.

For those of you here because you aimed your cellphone at our QR code and gave it a try, thanks again. Now bookmark us and come back every day to discover how the future of community newspapers has already arrived.

This is just one example of how we’re moving rapidly into the digital future. You’ll see more in the coming weeks and months!

AND A NOTE TO OUR REGULAR ONLINE READERS: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out what’s happening in our Tempe and West Chandler community. “Like” and share our stories if you are so inclined and please leave civil comments. We’ll be watching! And be sure to sign up for our eEdition here at wranglernews.com.


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