Staying indoors cramping your style? Take your art to the park

Artists take note: the city of Tempe’s ever-popular Arts in the Parks program is back this fall with physically distanced activities that will bring art and culture into four neighborhood parks.

This year’s parks are South Tempe’s Harelson, located in Warner Ranch, as well as Selleh, Daley and Hudson.

Neighbors living near each park can select in-person arts activities that fall into these categories:

Painting in the Park; Temporary Art Installation; Music and Theater; and Dance Performance.

Several ideas have been proposed for each. Residents will vote on these ideas to determine the final activity selections.

Ideas range from painting workshops to interactive theater parades to digital      photo collages and scavenger hunts.

Activities will be staggered, held on different days, or spaced out to maintain physical distancing guidelines and help ensure the safety of community members.

Neighborhood residents can make their selections by taking a survey at

The deadline is Sunday, Sept. 6.

Arts in the Parks is a city-wide program that brings the arts to several communities in Tempe throughout the year in the form of festivals and arts activities.

The program is initiated by residents and reflects the identity and values of the park’s community.

Parks are selected based on resident input, geographic diversity, and park renovation schedules. This year’s parks were selected for last year, however events were postponed as a result of COVID-19.



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