Racial equality: How one area school district will address it in the coming years

Wrangler News invited representa­tives of each school district in our Tempe/West Chandler coverage area to provide a 250-word descrip­tion of how their district is working to incorporate racial equality into their classroom curriculum.

The following response was received from Megan Sterling, executive di­rector of community relations for the Tempe Union High School District.

Tempe Union High School District has taken a methodical, dual approach to incorporating racial equality throughout its community, by doing work at both the organizational level as well as in the classroom.

Dr. Cliff Moon, TUHSD’s coordinator of diversity and inclusion, works closely with textbook adoption committees to provide guidelines to a thoughtful, di­verse approach in selecting textbooks and ancillary resources.

Dr. Moon also works with student groups who wish to address and discuss diversity, as well as designing profes­sional development workshops for teachers and staff around diversity and cultural inclusion.

These workshops for teachers assist them in their efforts to bring equity and inclusion into the classroom experience.

The District has partnered with a local university to bring an interactive courtroom drama that explores the highly charged issues or race, class, reli­gion and gender where the class is the jury and engages in discussion following the play.

Additionally, many teachers have begun to embrace restorative practices in the classroom and create a sense of com­munity and support with the learning experience.

The district also continues to find ways to enhance curriculum by provid­ing different experiences that support its commitment to embracing students from all backgrounds and creating a sup­portive and inclusive culture.

While the most recent current events do indicate that there is always hard work and listening to be done in the area of racial equality, TUHSD is fully com­mitted to ensuring that the importance of a diverse school environment and cur­riculum are valued by all in its com­munity.



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