Tempe’s virtual classes lend tangible reality to those stuck at home

By Jennifer Adams

Right now, as you read this, I know you are at home. Maybe you are settled in on the couch, in your favorite chair on the patio or pulled up to the kitchen table.

That may not seem like a big deal anymore, after so many weeks of quarantine to hold back the spread of coronavirus. But I want to say how much I support your choice to remain at home most of the day.

You are doing something critically important for the greater good – for the health of yourselves and your family, friends and neighbors. Together we can flatten the curve and save lives.

Your city thanks you.

And more than that – your city has something to offer you, too. As you know, at the city we have closed facilities and canceled events and programs in order to keep everyone safe.

Now the City of Tempe is launching a free assortment of virtual classes and activities to help keep you entertained, healthy and learning during this time period.

We are calling it Tempe at Home and you can join in right from the comfort of your phone, tablet, computer, laptop or TV screen.

This series of offerings from the city’s Community Services Department includes programs from Tempe PRE, adaptive recreation, parks and recreation, the Tempe Public Library, Tempe Center for the Arts and more. Our city staff and instructors are all coming together to make sure that your time at home is as enriching and fun as it can be.

Look for fitness offerings like yoga, dance, Tai Chi and more, along with skills development in golf, basketball, softball and soccer. How about specialty classes for cooking, sewing or learning a language?

Tempe Public Library is offering online tutorials, ‘booktalks’ with staff, Family Storytime and homework help and more.

Tempe Center for the Arts has opened up its art gallery online and will host a citywide coloring contest. There will be virtual artist workshops and at-home craft ideas. The Tempe History Museum is offering access to its online collections.

Do you have a preschooler? Tempe PRE, the city’s preschool program, is putting teachers on camera for reading time.

In the coming days, you will be able to find all virtual content at tempe.gov/coronavirus and click on the Things to Do section.

Follow these Tempe social media accounts for daily activities and tips:





What will you learn during quarantine?

What fitness goals will you set and achieve? Share your stories with me about how you and your family and friends take advantage of these free opportunities!

Connect with me by calling 480-350-8835, following me on my City Council Facebook account (JenniferAdamsTempe) or emailing me at jennifer_adams@tempe.gov.

Stay healthy and connected with each other!

Jennifer Adams is a member of the Tempe City Council.


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