Gen Z market and social media outreach is new collaborative’s focus

QNDP Magazine stands for “Quarter Nickel Dime Penny,” with a slogan that says “Keep the change.” The goal for these gen-z professionals is to connect to their generation, in an increasingly tech-focused world, through art and expression.

Wondering how you can reach millennials and Generation Z customers? A new digital marketing agency with a specialty in social media management and events has the answer.

NeverNotSocial, the brainchild of Christian Weninger and Morgan Nash, launched at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 1 at ImprovMANIA in downtown Chandler. Weninger and Nash’s goal is to bridge a gap between business and millennials/generation z.

“For us, creating this company started as a project in a high school class,” Weninger said.

At just 17 years old, Weninger successfully managed a team of 20 staff members and 55 models for his online publication, QNDP Magazine. Now, at 19, the pair plan to share what they have learned from event planning and digital marketing with other businesses in order to help them connect to a younger demographic.

“The success we found with the venture itself amazed us,” said Weninger. “But while we knew we had a lot to learn, what we discovered was that there was a current need for the skills we already possessed.” Weninger is a student at Chandler- Gilbert Community College and Nash is honing her video production skills through on-site training with organizations like the Chandler Chamber. They have produced events such as fashion shows and grand openings along with producing videos and administering social media accounts for Chandler businesses.

“Chandler is an innovative city filled with remarkable businesses. We want to use our knowledge of event planning, digital marketing, and video production to help connect the business community with millennials and Generation Z.

“There is a need for reaching that demographic effectively, and NeverNot Social has a track record of doing just that,” said Nash.


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