Tempe Union board votes 4-0 to dismiss coach who leaked confidential info

Justin Hager

By Wrangler News Staff

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When the story broke, it left many shocked and dumbfounded. Why would a high school coach email opposing teams’ coaches betraying confidential game strategies and other information that could be used against his own team?

It appears that is exactly what Mountain Pointe coach Justin Hager did. Now, the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board has voted unanimously (4-0) to dismiss him.

The former Tempe Union coach had submitted his resignation but the board refused to accept it in a unanimous vote Sept. 18, opting to move forward with a formal statement of charges. This was the initial step a school district had to take to dismiss a certified employee.

Hager’s dismissal was based on the following charges, according to a press release sent by Jennifer Liewer, executive director of community relations for the district.

“Charge one – Unprofessional Conduct, violation of Governing Board Policies GBEA and GBEB and Regulation GBEB-R

“Mr. Hager has violated Governing Board Policies GBEA and GBEB and Regulation GBEB-R by failing to conduct himself in a professional manner which promotes the educational process and protects students and District property. Specifically, by sending information regarding the varsity team plays to opposing coaches, Mr. Hager failed to act in the best interest of his students. Furthermore, he failed to act with honesty and integrity by anonymously sending information with malicious intent over the past three years. His use of District property to further these activities is a further violation of District policy.

“Charge Two – Improper use of District Technology, violation of Governing Board Policies EDB, EDC, and IJNDB.

“Mr. Hager has violated Governing Board Policies EDB, EDC, and IJNDB by failing to properly use and protect District property. Specifically, Mr. Hager provided confidential information from Mountain Pointe’s HUDL account to opposing team coaches, including, at times, student level information. This violates District policies by using District resources for personal gain, and also by failing to use District technology in furtherance of the District’s education goals.”

In accordance with Governing Board policy GCQF, the district administration recommended that the Governing Board dismiss Hager from his employment with the district. Hager has 10 days to respond to request a hearing.



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