City of Chandler seeking opinions on scooters, bikes


By now, everyone has something to say about them.

By Wrangler News Staff

Those happily convenient—or pesky (depending on your point of view)—electric bikes and scooters that have become such a ubiquitous part of the Valley’s transportation mix have caught the eye of Chandler officials.

From now through mid-July, the city is conducting a pair of surveys to gauge opinion on the e-scooter and bike sharing services operating locally and in other cities across the country.

One study asks residents and the public for feedback; the other seeks input from the business community.

Links to both surveys are available by the clicking the “Take Our Survey” box at

According to city spokesman Craig Younger, the survey’s results will help guide policy decisions that could affect the future of these and other individual-transportation modes.Recognizing that a number of innovative transportation modes have grown in popularity here and elsewhere, scooter-sharing companies charge a user fee to provide a fast and convenient form of short-distance transportation in urban areas.

Scooter users download an app to locate and unlock the motorized devices and then rent them by the minute. To end a trip, users simply park the rented scooter or bike.

At the end of each day, scooter companies collect their equipment to recharge and redistribute it for use on the following day.

Of the two surveys, the one developed for public use asks respondents whether they have used a scooter or bike-sharing service, where that occurred and for what purpose, in addition to other age and other statistical information. It asks also what is most appealing and most concerning about the scooters and bikes.

In addition, Chandler officials want to know whether the public thinks the city should develop a program to manage and possibly limit scooter- and bike-share operations in the city.

The business survey is similar, but also asks whether the presence of shared scooters and bikes in Chandler would attract more customers or have a detrimental effect on business.



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