Online Exclusive: Let the season begin… with LIGHTS!


Unbeknownst to many, photographer Billy Hardiman has an eye that is uniquely trained for holiday decorations due to years of designing, finding parts for and building his own family’s spectacular display.

One of our favorite reports comes from his mom, who was surprised to receive a call from Homeland Security agents one year while Billy was still a teen, curious why electronic circuitry was being shipped to their West Chandler address on a regular basis. A simple explanation was all that was needed: Hey, our son loves making the lights dance to accompanying holiday music broadcast to the car radios of passers-by on a special FM frequency.

It was more affordable, according to Billy, to order the needed parts from China than to acquire them locally. With that story in mind, our Wrangler News editor dispatches Billy around this time every year, knowing he’ll not only undertake the assignment gladly but

at the same time enjoy comparing dozens of other neighborhood homes with his own electronic wizardry. To that, we say, OK, Billy: LIGHT UP!



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