Hawaii still safe, popular vacation lure, says expert

By Diana Nelson

If you love tropical breezes, wide sandy beaches and unrivaled natural beauty, this might be the year to visit the state of Hawaii.

News of an active volcano on the Big Island may deter visitors from this scenic destination but, in reality, it’s just that locale—aka Hawaii—which is impacted by the current volcanic eruptions.

Hawaii includes a total of eight islands and the other seven are ready to say Aloha to you, according to travel agent Rand Szajua, owner of Adobe Travel in West Chandler.

In fact, more travelers rank Oahu or Maui as their favorite islands, according to a ranking compiled by U.S. News and World Report.

“Right now, fewer visitors are going to the state of Hawaii over fears of the volcano, which has created some great prices on destination packages,” said Szajua, who specializes in helping travelers to experience the trip of their dreams.

“As a small travel agency, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. This includes working with each client to create a perfect vacation for (the whole) family.”

Whether your heart desires a luxury cruise, a visit to Europe or a safari in Africa, the staff of Adobe Travel can build a unique itinerary for everyone, says Szajua.

“I’m working with a couple from Iowa right now who want to visit Italy,” he noted, “and a few years ago my wife and I travelled to China.”

But, he says, he also can put together itineraries for destinations that are closer to home. “We can plan a trip for every budget,” he said.

And, for those who generally go to a travel website to save money, Szajua says that using a travel agent can save lots of time and not cost any fees.

“Lots of people believe that you have to pay a travel agent, but we actually are paid by the tour or cruise vendors, so you’ll pay the same rate as it you had booked the trip online,” he said.

What you’ll miss out on by going online is the individual customer service.

“We work for free for the traveler and can help clients to manage the climate changes or destination problems, such as the flooding in Paris last year.

“For us at Adobe Travel it’s about the relationship: getting to know you, your likes and dislikes. We will select the best deals and products for you to make sure that you are happy. We will save you time and money by being a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

“In short,” said Szajua, “we take out all the worry of planning a trip and let you concentrate on getting ready to travel.”

He opened his travel agency this year, as an encore career to working years in the information technology business. He has always loved to travel and experience other cultures.  For the last 25 years, he even helped friends to plan their vacations.

Both Szajua and his wife, Michele, grew up in the East Valley; he graduated from Corona del Sol, while she attended Tempe High School.

“Even though I’ve been able to travel all over the world, I still love Arizona. As a child, I visited nearly every reservation in the state and have great respect for our Native culture along with the natural beauty of the state,” said Szajua.

For more information on Adobe Travel, visit them in person at their office at 4939 W. Ray Road in Chandler or give them a call at 480-495-7878. For free travel tips, visit their website at: www.adobetravel.com



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