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To the voters of our Kyrene community: Thank you for taking the time to vote and pass our Bond Reauthorization, M&O Override, and Capital Override.
The continued support emphasizes community commitment to student success. We have much to celebrate
as a learning community, and we are dedicated to providing engaging educational environments which promote and inspire passion for learning, leading, and achieving transformative life outcomes.
The combined effort to support all students with achieving their maximum potential to become problem-solvers,
creators, and visionaries of tomorrow requires partnerships between home, school, and community.
The community backing of these initiatives creates funding for areas such as teacher salaries, instruction,
facilities, instructional technology, and transportation.
The 2:1 margin for passing these ballot measures is a strong message of endorsement that this community values our schools. — Jan Vesely, Ph.D., Superintendent

I’m always impressed with people of character, integrity with leadership skills. I have recently been working
with just such a person. In my opinion Jennifer Adams, candidate for Tempe City Council, is a person that
demonstrates these attributes. Jennifer is a South Tempe resident who recently completed 29 years of service with our city. As a proven manager she was charged with the operation of Tempe facilities and was responsible for a combined annual operating and capital budget of nearly ten million dollars.
As a resident of South Tempe she would give our area a voice in city government. She is honest, hard working, and understands how our city operates. Jennifer will bring the depth of experience and insight necessary to be
a council member. She will champion our causes and concerns for water, roads and parks. I hope all of Tempe will join me in supporting the candidacy of Jennifer Adams for Tempe City Council. —Jon Mulford, Warner Ranch Resident

The following letter was sent to the Tempe Mayor and City Council Members regarding the new Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Station #7, to be located at Estrada Park near McClintock Drive and Warner Road.
As the Community Services Director at the time, it was my responsibility to negotiate the acquisition and preliminary development of Estrada Park. Coincidentally, our family lived one block from the site. Our children were to spend countless hours at Estrada Park; over the years I must have seen hundreds of soccer games and practices there, as well as enjoying visiting neighbors and watching the families enjoy the facilities. In acquiring the site, storm
drainage extension was to be the prime determination for the location. However, it also provided the
site and preliminary development at no cost to the City of Tempe.
It was not normal for a neighborhood park to be located adjacent to a major arterial street (McClintock Drive). Therefore, we required additional acreage over and above our normal size. We also required a fence buffering McClintock Drive. Normally, I would not be supporting any proposal to use part or all of a Tempe public park. Our
parks have been strategically located in neighborhoods throughout our community, for the benefit of nearby
citizens. However, the proposal to locate The Fire Medical Rescue Station is outstanding.
Living nearby, we fully support the proposal. Having 24/7 security adjacent to the park is something that
we would like for all parks. Having paramedics so close to our homes is very comforting.
In addition, interaction between the firefighters and neighbors has a very positive affect on everyone involved.
In reviewing the site plan and efforts to integrate the station into the park, I am satisfied that it will complement the
parks use. I doubt that I can attend the community forum, where this proposal will be discussed.
However, you can count on our support. — Sincerely, Ronald and Bernita Pies


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